I'm sane...Kinda but that always makes it fun!

I'm just your average girl with a wacky output to life.
I am lazy at the most of times but when it comes to something I'm passionate about you cannot stop me. I am one to work with the Arts. I play three musical instruments and painting and other forms of art.

I'm a Cosplayer and a Cosplay photographer, It is a rare thing to see me without my baby Nick (aka my camera)

I am a graduate and I spend my time between Aberdeen and Edinburgh and all those cities inbetween I also have done a course in photography and plan to do further study


Facebook photography page

Flickr photography page

Cosplay Island Page

My first non land alts :) quite pleased but still a long way off XD

My first non land alts :) quite pleased but still a long way off XD

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    My amazing girlfriend’s awesome magic alters! :)
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